SEPTEMBER Is Healthy Aging Month!

Healthy Aging Month is an annual observance each September, designed to focus national attention on the positive aspects of growing older:

Physical Fitness

Regular exercise is important as we age to help fight off disease and to stay mobile. Here are some tips:

  • Exercise does not have to be done at the gym. There are many opportunities for exercise in daily activities and routines. Try taking the stairs or parking at the opposite end of the parking lot. Cleaning the house or gardening outside can also be great forms of exercise.
  • Exercise should be fun and engaging. Once you find an exercise that you like, you will be more likely to keep going.
  • Use the buddy system. Arrange to have a friend meet you for a walk or a bicycle ride. Having someone along can provide extra motivation, as well as increased social interaction.

Before you embark on an exercise routine, please talk to your doctor.

Social Well Being

  • Contribute time to your community through local volunteer groups, religious organizations or civic groups.
  • Stay in close contact with friends and family.
  • Take that vacation that you have been putting off. Traveling is a great way to see new things and experience new cultures.

Mental Wellness

  • Keep your mind in tune by reading, learning a new skill or researching something that interests you.
  • Reduce the risk of depression by taking part in new activities, hobbies and exercise. If you truly are depressed, you don’t need to bear it alone. You should seek help from friends, relatives or a licensed professional.

The processes of normal aging does not rob you of your memory. Sometimes memory loss is caused by factors that can be changed – such as diet, medication misuse or depression. Gradual declines in memory are normal, but if you experience memory loss that seems unusual, consult a health care professional.

Financial Fitness

  • Save at least 10% of your income and invest in a saving plans.
  • Establish financial goals and stick to a budget.
  • Take initiative to see what your personal retirement benefits will be, and if you’re employed, consult with your HR department for information about pension benefits.

Healthy living results in healthy aging. Developing and maintaining healthy aging practices throughout your life will contribute to greater resilience and opportunities to thrive as you age from childhood to senior life.