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Receive comprehensive care from our primary care physicians. Including office visits, telehealth visits, on-site physical exams, annual physical exams, and solutions for erectile dysfunction (ED).

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With telemedicine, you don’t have to drive to the doctor’s office or clinic, park, walk or sit in a waiting room when you’re sick. See your doctor from the comfort of your own home. Virtual visits are also easy to fit into your schedule. With telemedicine, you may not even have to take time off from work or arrange for childcare.

COVID-10 public health emergency has passed initiating changes in telehealth services in insurance policies and State policies.  In the future, 2025, the focus will be on behavioral/mental health care at home.  If you are physically disabled, physically unable, a senior citizen or suffer from an auto-immune chronic disease, have transportation issues, and would like the option of permanent telehealth visits at home talk to your insurance carrier and communicate the need or you may have to pay for the service out of pocket.  Reminder that these changes don’t happen until 2025.

FOR THE BEST telehealth appointments you should provide these vitals to your doctor, but it is not mandatory or obligatory for your telehealth appointments.

  • HeightWeight
  • Blood Pressure
  • BMP (this can be seen when you take your blood pressure)
  • Oxygen level (taken with an Oximeter)

Equipment needed at home, a scale, digital blood pressure cuff and oximeter.  All these items are easily found at your local pharmacy or online but are not conditional/necessary for your appointment.

On-Site Physicals

We offer a special service of on-site physicals.  Where it is for your executive officers, key employees, or staff we can at your convenience come to your office and conduct your annual, wellness, DOT and sport physicals.  In this fast-paced world making time for those yearly physicals/exams are difficult to fit within our schedule.  WE CAN SAVE YOU TIME BY COMING TO YOU!

It is well known that an annual check-up ensures that you stay in good health.  It is an opportunity to detect an illness or serious condition and help reduce the risk of disease, like cancer or diabetes in its early stages. During an employee physical the doctor will check vitals, including weight, heart rate, and blood pressure.

Employers who invest in wellness programs generate savings resulting from medical cost reduction and absenteeism.  This allows for workers to be safe and healthy on the job, and helps employers meet federal requirements for workplace safety.

This allows for workers to be safe and healthy on the job, and helps employers meet federal requirements for workplace safety. This allows for workers to be safe and healthy on the job, and helps employers meet federal requirements for workplace safety.

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Annual Physical Exams

  • SCHOOL PHYSICAL (age 12+)
  • SPORT PHYSICAL (age 12+)

A yearly physical updates your care and provides guidance for  reducing your risk for disease. Your doctor can provide you with information and motivation to stop smoking, lose unhealthy pounds, or manage risk factors like high blood pressure.

Without physical exams, a lot of health issues can go unchecked for years or until they become serious problems. The exam gives you a chance to talk to your doctor about any ongoing pain or symptoms that you’re experiencing or any other health concerns that you might have.

An annual visit to the doctor can be considered as the foundation of good care and preventative measures. These exams can be lifesaving!

CONTACT us about prostate exams, mammograms, cervical exams, colon cancer screening, bone density test, and testing for other common disorders and diseases.

About ED

What is Erectile Dysfunction? What are the causes of ED? Can ED be cured?

DDC Health Care recognizes the toll that ED has on men and their relationships when sexual health is a big factor to happiness and quality of life. Count on us to provide meaningful support!

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